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We offers computer programming trainings for beginners, intermediates and expert level. Our courses are divided into various modules which fulfils the need of every IT aspire. Our basic programming modules consist C, C++ which is must for the beginners. Apart from this other modules give detail knowledge in Software Development for Desktop / Web by using .Net, Java, PHP-MySQL, etc. For making career in database administrator we provide training in MS-SQL and Oracle also.

  • Web Developer
  • Website Engineer
  • Web Trainer
  • .Net Expert

Advanced Asp.Net Course in Jaipur

Our .NET Programming with C# Training Course is aimed at developers who are new to the .NET Framework, who need to get up to speed quickly with C# language fundamentals and to understand and use effectively the core .NET functionality. The hands-on labs reflect useful real-world scenarios and best practices. The course covers the fundamentals of the C# language and features extensive hands-on exercises with Visual Studio 2019. You will still also be able to use VS 2017 but C# topics will be unavailable in this version of the software.

By the end of the course you will be able to create data-driven applications in C#, and use your knowledge as a basis for going on to specialise in the development of Windows GUI apps (e.g. WPF, Universal Windows Platform Apps), Web Applications in ASP.NET Core MVC and other .NET disciplines.

certificate is given at the end of the training.

  • .NET
  • Usages of .Net
  • D.N.A. Architecture
  • One Tier
  • Two Tier
  • Three Tier
  • N Tier
  • The Common Language Runtime (C.L.R.)
  • CLR architecture and services
  • The .NET Intermediate Language(IL)
  • Just-in-time (JIT) compilation and CLS
  • Disassembling .NET applications to IL
  • Strict type checking
  • .NET Framework Class Library
  • ASP.NET Architecture
  • Understanding Web Concepts
  • Working with HTML
  • Data types and control constructs.
  • Declaring and initializing variables.
  • Value and reference types.
  • Unicode characters and strings.
  • C.T.S. Type.
  • Implicitly Typed Local variables
  • Conditional Syntax
  • C# Operators
  • Looping Syntax
  • Declaration section of C#
  • Conditional Statements
  • All type of If.
  • Switch Statement
  • Iteration
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Operators
  • Logical Operator
  • Conditional Operator
  • Convert Class
  • Introduction of Exception and there type
  • Trap exception with Try, Catch, Finally
  • Throw keyword
  • Customizes message assignment
  • Introduction Of Asp .net
  • Need Of Web Application
  • Http Protocol
  • Static & Dynamic Page
  • Concept working of its and Browser
  • Differences between asp and
  • Creating a simple html pages
  • Html tags
  • Hosting a html Pages
  • Virtual Dictionary
  • Request Transfer Throws Get and Post Method
  • Standard Control
  • Navigation Controls
  • Advantages of JS over HTML.
  • Declaration of variables.
  • Condition Handling, Looping.
  • Integer, Date and String Functions
  • document.GetElementById().value.
  • document.GetElementById().focus()
  • Alert Method
  • Required field Validator in JS.
  • Range Validator in JS.
  • CompareValidator in JS.
  • Regular Expression Validator in JS.
  • Customfield Validator in JS.
  • Introduction to validation
  • Types of validation Controls
  • Client-Side Validation
  • Displaying Validation Errors
  • Working with Range Validator
  • Required field Validator Validator
  • Compare Validator Validator
  • Working with Regular Expressions
  • Performing Custom Validator
  • Validation Summary Validator
  • How Master Page work.
  • Content Placeholders.
  • Content Pages.
  • Advantages of Master Pages.
  • The Foundation Statements of T-SQL
  • Started with SELECT Statement
  • Adding Data with the INSERT Statement
  • Changing what you’ve got with the UPDATE Statement
  • The DELETE Statement
  • Tabing through Gesture effect
  • Learn How to Slide Activities
  • using framesets in gesture
  • Sliding Navigating Menus
  • Left Outer Join
  • Right Outer Join
  • Full Outer Join
  • What is a Sub query?
  • Building a nested Sub query
  • Correlated Sub queries
  • How Correlated Sub queries Work
  • Correlated Sub queries in the WHERE clause
  • Dealing with NULL Data – the ISNULL Function Derived Tables
  • The EXISTS Operator
  • The EXISTS in other Ways
  • Simple Views
  • Views as Filters
  • Editing Views with T-SQL
  • Dropping Views
  • Basic Syntax
  • Changing Stored Procedures with ALTER
  • Dropping stored procedures
  • Handling Errors
  • How ADO.NET works and how it differs from ADO.
  • The connection object
  • The command object
  • The data reader object
  • The data adapter object
  • Dataset
  • When to use the dataset Provider
  • Creating table in dataset
  • Data column
  • Data row
  • Data table
  • Tables events
  • Data Binding Overview and syntax
  • Biding to simple properties
  • Binding to collections & lists
  • Binding Expressions or methods
  • Data Base Connectivity with
  • ListBox
  • DropDown List
  • CheckList List
  • Radiobutton List
  • Bulleted List
  • DataGrid Control Data Grid’s Select, Delete, Update command
  • Data List Control
  • SQL Data Source
  • Why use ASP.NET AJAX Features
  • Architecture of AJAX features in ASP.NET
  • What is AJAX
  • Uses of AJAX
  • Creating an AJAX-enabled web site.
  • Understanding the Benefits of the Script Manger Control
  • Working with the Script Manger Proxy Control
  • Understanding the Benefits of the Update Panel control
  • Working with the Timer Control
  • Understand Update Progress
  • AJAX ToolKit
  • WebServices
  • RSS
  • Interview Questions
  • Resume Prepration
  • How to Crack Interview

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    Program Features

    Duration: 3 Months

    Effort: 80  Hours of Learning
    Subject: Asp.Net 
    Level: Professional
    Language: English, Hindi

    Regular Fee: Rs. 15000/-

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    JMD Study provides the best online/Offline training for all Programming Languages at its institute situated in Sodala, Jaipur.

    With the best infrastructure and high-tech technology, the project based training allows students and working professionals to gain hands-on experience to Learn Coding Languages.

    • We have 6+ years of experience in Programming language Training.
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    • You’ll be more confident every single day than the day before while learning coding with JMD Study.
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    • High Engagement, Outcome-Centric Learning.
    • Placement Assistance for everyone.
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    Program Features

    35+ Hours for Learning

    50+ Assignment

    10+ Projects


    Online / Offline

    Hindi / English

    Who can Learn Asp.Net Training Programs?


    Gain expertise in operating your business online. Take your business to another level by reaching a large audience. Get your revenue increase by marketing on internet.

    Working Professionals

    Gain high career growth with advanced Asp.Net skills. Furnish your qualification with an edge over others. Work as a part-time freelancer & make money online.

    Job Seekers

    Learn first, which others will learn later. Great chance to get a great job as India is emerging with Digital Media. Give companies extra reasons to hire you.


    Work as per the time convenience. Learn Asp.Net in a very short span of time and start your own online business through digital mediums.

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    If you think that you need time for practice at home than you can enroll for an alternate Digital Marketing Course batch in which you need to come only 3 Days a week.

    Weekend Batches

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    Sunday Batches

    In case of a busy schedule, we also have a Sunday Digital Marketing Course batch system. However, you need to discuss the timings with our counselors.


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